Learning & Gaming Analytics

Gaming Analytics in Mission Hydro Sci


he Mission HydroSci terrain simulator provides students with a set of tools to investigate water in socio-ecological systems. Students can manipulate topography by increasing and decreasing terrain elevation. They can also collect data to make sense of the changes they enact by placing sensors in the environment to monitor variables such as water flow, volume and quality. By manipulating the terrain, students discover how water cycles through the environment. A time-machine function allows students to predict and then observe long-term implications of hydrologic cycles.

Virtual Math Teams with Geogebra: Learning Analytics


Assessment in Computer Supported Collaborative Learning (CSCL) is an implicit issue, and most assessments are summative in nature. Much of my work in VMT with Geogebra’s analytics explores the operationalization of activity theory as a frame for group activity.  I examine the complexity of group learning in VMT.  This work includes individual and group assessment and prediction strategies. The applications extend far beyond VMTwG itself.

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