Data Science and Analytics Program Founded by Dr. Goggins Wins Award

The University of Missouri Data Science and Analytics program received the Outstanding Credit Program Award from the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) during the Central Region Conference in St. Louis.
The Data Science and Analytics Masters Program was conceptualized by  Dr. Sean P. Goggins and Dr. Chi-Ren Shyu in the spring of 2013, following Dr. Goggins work on a similar program at Drexel University and Dr. Shyu’s long standing work in data scientific oriented endeavors, including founding the MU Informatics Institute over a decade ago.
Through support from the Mizzou Advantage fund, Grant Scott joined our leadership team in 2015. Later in 2015, core DSA Faculty from across campus signed on to the effort, including:
  1. Yi Shang : Computer Science, Course Coordinator
  2. Dong Xu : Computer Science
  3. Joshi, Trupti : Computer Science
  4. Tenaja, Harsh : Journalism
  5. Thorson, Esther L. : Strategic Communications, Course Coordinator
  6. David Herzog : Journalism, Course Coordinator
  7. Uhlmann, Jeffrey : Computer Science
  8. Gibson, Twyla G. : School of Information Science and Learning
  9. Technologies
  10. Sanda Erdelez : School of Information Science and Learning
  11. Technologies
  12. Shyu, Chi-Ren : Director, MU Informatics Institute
  13. Joi Moore : School of Information Science and Learning
  14. Technologies, Course Coordinator
  15. Ersoy, Ilker : Biotechnology, Course Coordinator