When users have access to multiple cloud systems, it can be easier for hackers to access one system from another. Depending on the level of access a hacker has, they can launch a deluge of attacks on users and the cloud systems. This is why companies like Fortinet always recommend businesses to implement cybersecurity measures like threat intelligence services, no matter what field they’re in, if they use the internet to store data or offer their service, they’ll always be at risk. Companies are also advised to use a reliable identity and access management solution to improve the efficiency and safety of your business.

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The Intel situation is more serious because the company is trying to avoid a full data breach. In August, cybersecurity researchers with FireEye released a report indicating that the company had been breached. The report said that the hackers had gained access to the company’s corporate network. In January, an independent report from Kaspersky Lab confirmed that the company had been targeted.

Intel declined to comment for this story, but it said in a statement that it “proudly supports the cybersecurity of our systems and its employees. We take this issue very seriously and have taken, and will continue to take, appropriate actions.”

The company did say it has hired private experts to monitor the security of its data centers, but Intel didn’t say what that team of experts looks like.

Cisco (CSCO), Cisco’s primary rival in the data center networking market, is in a similar situation. The company has already had a number of security breaches, some of which came to light only after the company had already patched them.

For example, earlier this year the company admitted that its routers had been hacked. Cisco also experienced the worst of these hacks by an attacker known as the Chinese Conficker who injected malware into the company’s routers, which made the routers compromise the computers on which they were running. The computers were then used to make hundreds of thousands of spam calls to potential customers. The attack forced Cisco to use emergency procedures to patch the problem and resolve it in a matter of days.

Now, Cisco has instituted the latest cybersecurity protections, but it also said that it would be monitoring its security at home and abroad. “Cisco continues to work closely with the U.S. government on the continued development of its security posture and practices,” said spokesman Derek Essensa. “Cisco is providing a rigorous level of security and privacy protections to our customer information and I am confident our customers will continue to see the best in our products and services.

These recommendations reflect our focus on building security systems that are intelligent, resilient and continuously improving to better manage our global businesses and the increasing complexity of the threats that they face.