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Sean Goggins is a Professor of Computer Science, and a Technology designer and builder in a range of industries. I hold an MS in Software Engineering and a Ph.D. in Information Science and Technology. My research focuses on building context-adaptive spaces to support distributed group work, and performance assessment at the individual, group and, organizational levels. Specifically, I help people build an understanding of the emergence, development, and dissolution of technologically mediated groups in online learning, software engineering, and open public spaces.  My publications span Open Source Software, online learning, serious games, social media, and supporting online health communities.

My recent work includes co-founding the Linux Foundation’s CHAOSS working group, which focuses on health and sustainability in Open Source Software. I also lead the development of the foundation’s leading open source project for identifying signals of project health, Augur. Twitter’s open-source program office, led by Remy DeCausemaker created a really cool front end with Augur’s data recently! Through this experience and associate publications, I am expanding my ontology and   methodological approach for using electronic traces to identify meaningful signals of performance and social group health. My 34 journal articles,  33 peer-reviewed conference articles and 60+ short papers are published in computing, the learning sciences, communications, and computational social science focused discourse communities. I have edited three books with focuses on collaborative workplace learning, sociotechnical design of health care systems, and data science. I contribute to an average of 25 Open Source Software projects each year and was the founding director of the University of Missouri’s Masters of Data Science and Analytics, which he led from 2014 to 2018.

Specifically, my work applies machine learning, natural language processing, social network analysis (sociallycompute.io), data mining and statistics to a lot of different data sets (ocdx.io) and organizations (CHAOSS).  My research these days focuses on understanding new types of organizations in open source software, serious games, and health care. All from a data focused point of view.


The Data I sift through is mostly (maybe entirely) data about people.  Who they talk to and what they say online . Data science is a set of tools and techniques I use to ask social science research questions.  And build systems that are hopefully of use to people.

Put the data science in a salad with social science: Now You may think of me as a “sociotechnical” (sociotech.net) scholar/builder/designer.  These days, that means I am concerned with the social impacts of computing, and how small groups, communities and culture are enacted through technology. Cell phones. Games. Facebook. Lasers attached to shark skulls. All of it.

Off to the left on this page, you see my current research projects. Much data. Very science. (See Doge Speak).

You can learn more about me by checking me out on the various social networking sites:

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My current “Curriculum Vitae” is Here.

Look around on this site. Drop me a note if you have questions or want to learn more. I am always recruiting Ph.D students, undergraduate programmers and industry focused collaborations.

The Sloan Foundation, National Science Foundation, Reynolds Journalism Institute, Mozilla,  US Department of Education, Drexel University, and the University of Missouri – Columbia are generous funders of the work I do.

I collaborate with a number of excellent colleagues, including  Peppo Valetto,  Kelly Blincoe, and Isa Jahnke to understand design of work and learning systems. Working with Josh Introne, Bryan Semaan and Ingrid Erickson, I am elaborating on mechanisms for identifying structural fluidity and organizational dynamics in electronic trace data using the lens of complex systems theory. My other work includes collaborations with Matt Germonprez on the Open Collaboration Data Exchange and Open Source Health metrics projects.

I live in Columbia, MO with my wife Kate, two step daughters,  a dog named Huckleberry, and 2 bicycles.